conmen jailed for fraud at Norwich jewellers

Andrej Guidima, 33, and Vasile Vlas, 32, targeted Jack’s jeweller’s, in White Lion Street, and got the owner to part with 14,500 for a 22 carat gold chain, but before they left the store they managed to switch it for a cheap copy, Norwich Crown Court heard.

Andrew Oliver prosecuting, said that it was only when the owner went to test the chain again before sending it away to be melted down that he realised that he had been conned, as it was not solid gold.

Mr Oliver said the day before the conmen targeted the city store they had carried out a similar fraud on a family jeweller’s, in Hull, where they managed to get the owner to hand over 21,200 for worthless chains.

Mr Oliver said following the fraud in December, last year, a nationwide alert was circulated to jewellers about the two men and in January they were cheap jerseys arrested after they were caught visiting a jewellers, in Halifax, and were recognised.

Guidima and Vlas, who appeared in the dock with the help of a Russian interpreter, both admitted the fraud in Hull, on December 9 last year and the fraud in Norwich, on December 10, and were each jailed for two years.