Connect outlet of a Cell Prototype in a storyboard

I have created a TableViewController and I would like to customize the Cell Prototype. In the Cell Prototype I have added several Labels I would like to customize with my own class which inherits from UITableViewCell (AreaListCell).

In the Storyboard, for the Cell Prototype I have configured the Custom Class with “AreaListCell” and its style is “Custom”.

In the storyboard, when cheap jerseys I select the Cell Prototype and then the assistant, the assistant display my class that implements the UITableViewController (AreasTableViewController) and not

UPDATE: As of Xcode 4.6 (possibly earlier) you can now create outlets by control dragging! This has to be done into an interface section or class extension (the class extension doesn’t exist by default for new cell subclasses. Thanks to Steve Haley for pointing this out.

You can’t get the outlet automatically connected and created by dragging into the code block in the assistant editor, which is poor, but you can create the outlets manually and connect them then.

In your cell subclass interface:

//Let’s assume you have 3 labels. One for a name, One for a count, One for a detail

//In your storyboard give the name label tag=1, count tag=2, and detail tag=3You could also set the labels up as properties in your custom cell code and then when the cell is initialized use the viewWithTag call to assign the label properties to the labels you have created on your storyboards.

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