The Encyclopedia Of Scams

The Encyclopedia Of Scams

The con artist buys a lotto ticket with last week’s winning numbers. He then changes the date on the ticket so that it appears to be a ticket from last week and therefore a winner. Alternatively, cheap jerseys he will take alter a scratch and win ticket to look like a win.

This fake ticket would not fool lottery officials who could spot the fraud in a second. Luckily, they are not the intended victim. Instead, the sells the ticket to some oneelse victim at an incredibly cheap price. He usually reasons the sale by saying that he needs the money desperately and can’t wait for the lottery people to pay him. (as seen in the film Matchstick Men)He is in debt and needs the money urgently.

A magician friend of mine made his own ‘winning ticket’ by buying a joke scratch and win ticket that always wins. These tickets will always win but have a disclaimer on the back stating “”to obtain prize go to yo mama’s house”. he peeled the back off the joke ticket and the front of a real ticket and glued them together. He has never tried to sell his fake ticket but he keeps it to show to friends.

I attempted to make on this gaffed tickets myself but am yet to find a fake ticket and a real ticket that are the same size.

Back in the 1980’s at the very start of the state run California Lottery. I obtained a “gaffed” scratcher ticket. The kind in which the purchaser uses a coin or other instrument to scratch off the grey matter on the face of a ticket that hides the game numbers.

Once locating him I acted dupish in order to hear his speil. He claimed to be on hard times, hence the crutches. He also said he was a felon and could not legally cash in the ticket (oh brother). After he was done I did a dangerous thing (I was young) and offered not to call the police that he was a swindler, if he would sell me the ticket for $10. He still tried to claim it was the real deal, but sold me the ticket anyway.

The photograph below was taken very recently, and it does not show the beautiful work this guy did. Look close though and you can see the “K” at the bottom is crooked. When it was new, the grey matter was right up to the edges of the cut and sliced “K” so that it was nearly impossible to see it was glued on.