Induction Technology Allows Safe and Efficient Cooking

Induction cooking is a faster and more efficient method of heating food. It is energy-smart and safe because the cooktop requires the weight of the cookware to work. When the pot is removed the heating element instantly shuts down. Only the pan is heated and the surface of the stove is never hot. This makes cleaning up after meal preparation much easier because there are never burnt foods to scrape away. The only concern with an induction cooktop is that it requires certain types of cookware to work correctly.

What is induction cookware?

Induction stoves use magnets to operate. This means that all induction cookware for homes must be made from a magnetic material like steel, magnetic stainless steel or cast iron. Use a magnet to discover if functional cookware is already in the home. The pan will work with an induction cooktop if the magnet sticks to the bottom of the pot or pan.

How do you know if new cookware is compatible?

Most manufacturers now include labels that state if the set is appropriate for induction cooking. If the label does not specifically mention induction cooking the shopper can bring along a magnet and use it to determine if it is acceptable. Genuine cast iron sets are always compatible but steel and stainless steel may not be.

What should shoppers look for in a cookware set?

Induction cooking requires a flat bottom pot or pan for even heating. Heavy lids will remain in place easier than lightweight versions. Cheaply installed handles may vibrate during use. It is possible to use an induction disk with non-induction cookware instead of purchasing a new cookware set, but multiple disks may be needed if more than one pan is used and it is not as energy-efficient as using the correct cookware.

Conserving energy is important to all homeowners today. Induction cooking is the most efficient design on the market. It uses 90 percent of all energy produced to cook the food. Gas uses only 55 percent and electric ranges only 60 percent. Home cooks with small children will appreciate how there is no open flame or searing burner left behind when the pot is removed.