as I like to call it

The Q, as I like to call it, is also substantially denser than its spiritual predecessor, the Asus PB278. The PB278 is a 27″ IPS panel with a 2650×1440 resolution, and it’s basically just a nicer, better packaged version of those 27″ Korean IPS monitors. In my view, the crucial and decisive question about the PB287Q is how it stacks up against those 27″ IPS displays.

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There are certain lines of clothing that have always been disposable in nature, such as Target’s Merona line temporary clothing with a trendy flair Wet Seal, or the clothing line of other discount stores. But now, retailers like Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, Gap, and others which for most of my life have been out of my price range now have their own disposable clothing. You can walk in and spend anywhere from $7.50 to $24.95 and purchase a trendy shirt that you may or may not need to layer and which may or may not last through next summer..

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Marinas and recreational boating are increasingly popular uses of waterways. The growth of recreational boating, along with the growth of our coastal development in general, has led to a growing awareness of the need to protect waterways. Boating and marinas are an important means of public access.