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McDonald’s has been revamping its menu and marketing since Steve Easterbrook took the helm almost two years ago. Along with the introduction of all day breakfast, Easterbrook has relied more on discounts and promotions across the country. Last year, the chain advertised two for $2 and two for $5 deals to bring back diners they’d lost after nixing its popular Dollar Menu.

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Make sure your merchandise has stickers on them with prices, as some folks are too shy to ask and you may lose a sale. (That will also prevent browsers from tying you up by constantly requesting prices.) As for pricing your goods, a general rule is that one half the retail cost is fair. Stuff you really want to get rid of should be marked cheap.

ST. Cities with exceptionally cheap, extraordinarily potent meth from factorylike superlabs. Drug trade, it now accounts for as much as 80 percent of the meth sold here, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. Now, with Aviles sent to the Indians, are we to assume his starting middle infield is Yunel Escobar at shortstop and Adeiny Hechavarria at second base?. Among the many reasons the Jays need to name a manager: If you wholesale nba jerseys a free agent with any interest in Toronto, wouldn you want to know who is managing you before you sign on. Yes, it possible for Sandy Alomar to leave his place with the Indians as bench coach to manage the Jays, but to date, there has not been a single conversation between Alomar and the Jays.

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Give the gift of your time offer your time to babysit, housesit, dogsit, clean someone’s house and make them a meal, sit with them and read, take a grandparent on an outing whatever would make wholesae jerseys the person you’re gifting super happy. You can make a lovely card with a “certificate” offering your services. As a parent without family around I can vouch that there is frankly very little that can top the gift of babysitting.