Techniques Used in The Applied Behavior Analysis

Working with children with a disability require special qualifications and a special type of a heart. Applied behavior analysis works by either decreasing or increasing a certain targeted behavior. The ABA is mainly used the people who have autism. Other condones that there this therapy is the cognition impairments, eating disorder, anxiety, anger issues, and dementia.

If you have a person who is suffering from any of the above condition, you will need to consult an ABA specialist. First, the specialist will need to know what qualities, abilities, and challenges that your child has. Next, they will sometimes spend with the child so that they can learn more about their communication, behaviors, and skills that they have. The therapist will then create a therapy plan that is suited for your child. The following are some of the strategies that are used in the applied behavior analysis.

The most commonly used approach is positive reinforcement. An autist child do not know so of the things that they are doing. When these children do something desirable, they should be awarded so that they can repeat the response in the future. A reward is necessary to encourage repeat of behavior. Shaping is another strategy that consists in improving the behavior of a child. Shaping is used together with the positive reinforcement. A reward is offered to the child if they improve the existing positive behavior.

You should ensure that you discourage any wrong behavior that the child portrays. The negative reinforcement work through the punishment of the sick child. The child need to be punished immediately and let them know that they are being punished. It is vital to note that the punishment must be consistent.

Another strategy that is used is the generalization. It is conducted in a serene environment where the autistic child will not be exposed to any distraction. The main aim of this strategy is to ensure that the child can portray the actions in a different environment. The student must demonstrate independent abilities across different environments.

Many approached are used in the applied behavior analysis. All the methods will almost the same results. Before starting the therapy, ensure that you have examined the ABA professional. First, ensure that you have chosen a professional like BlueSprig who has been offering therapy for a long time. Also, the therapist should have quantifiable goals.

When you begin the treatment, ensure that you access the respond of child. First the child should be excited about being close to the therapist. That means they should smile when they see the therapist. it is vital to make sure that the child is gaining useful skills.

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