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If you are single, you just want to feel loved. Hence, you are planning to avail some dachshund puppies. You are aware that dachshund puppies will really make your day if you will allow them to be part of your family. With various breeders in the city, you must focus your attention to Down Home Dachshunds. You will get miniature puppies according to the number you like to avail. In the meantime, you must visit the official website of the breeder to see what more they can offer.

As you browse the site, you will be informed that the puppies being sold are all tweenie in size. You must have thought how cute an 11-pound puppy is. However, you have the choice to get a 16-pounds puppy. If you decide to get standard Dachshund puppy, it is up to you. That puppy must be 16 to 32 pounds. Getting a 20-pound puppy is already a big achievement. You know that the breeder uses the parent as their guide to know the size of the puppies. When talking about colors, you surely like to avail blue dachshund, chocolate, Isabella, cream, red, black and tan, and patterns.

If you avail puppies from them, you will be assured of getting one year written health guarantee. Those puppies are taken care well because they are raised together with their moms in one house. If the puppies are big enough, they will even be trained on potty training. Going out and potty will never be an issue for you because the puppies are trained before they are sold to you. You will even be amazed that those puppies have been trained to play together and eat together. They also sleep with their mates. Those puppies also need to adjust to the new owner. Hence, the breeder will prepare a puppy kit where it contains the right food and detailed health record.

If you need to know the shots they got, you will find those things in the health record along with the worming. Hence, if you need to visit a vet later, you can easily show the record. The vet will even advise you when to get another shot for your dogs. You will also get AKC registration paperwork and information on NuVet vitamins. Since the selling of dachshund is done legally, you must find a provider that has pet registration. You need to ready some amounts for breeding rights and full registration.

Aside from that, it makes sense to avail puppies from a breeder that considers them to be a part of their families. Those puppies must have been raised with love and care. Hence, you will also be asked to provide them the necessary love and attention that they deserve. It is also right that you show to the breeder that you have all what it takes to be a good guardian to their babies. If you soon decide to be a breeder, you need to learn from them. Just prepare your credit or debit card for they receive payments electronically.

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