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Are you one of those travelers that are eager to learn local language due to communication barrier whenever you are in a country that doesn’t speak English? Most of us don’t really invest our time and effort in learning different languages because there’s no reason to do so. If we are in a different country for a vacation, we only learn the basic questions and answers from the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW. But most of us didn’t realize that it is in fact a skill to know different languages and being able to write and speak. Yes, you heard that right. There is career in being able to know more that 10 languages and that is what you call a linguistic.

Is there really a career and future for a linguistics? Will you be able to earn more for just knowing multiple languages? The answer is definitely a YES! You can grow your career by being a linguistic. There are a lot of companies that hire linguistics because there are only a few linguistics in the world that actually knows a lot of languages and that can even write and speak.

Where does a linguistic actually work? What is actually their nature of work? Did you know that a linguistic high in demand in the tourism industry? They are able to speak to different races. They can interpret and speak in behalf of the people who cannot understand and speak the language of these foreigners. You can even teach language classes if you are a linguist. You can be an interpreter to an international event. For sure the organizers are hiring for one in this type of event. There are even online jobs that also look for linguists. And these jobs don’t offer temporary, they offer full time jobs for linguists. You don’t have to worry about your future and career if you are a linguist.

But if you want to be part of a team that is on the next level of offering linguistic services, you can actually find them because they exist! This type of company often caters to the linguistic services needed by the government. It is part of the government’s job to read, understand, interpret and reply to foreign countries. We all know that the leader of any country doesn’t have the skill to know different language, thus, the government hires a linguistic team to cater to their needs such as translation service to ensure that the government can fully comprehend the message the other countries want to deliver. Transcription services are also needed especially when there is a meeting. Speeches also require transcription and other audio files that are sent to the government. Interpretation is also needed if there’s an ongoing conference, meetings or any form of gatherings where almost different countries have sent their representatives. They can also hire language instructors as training to their personnel. The basics for every language are important but hiring a linguist is the best decision the government and other businesses can actually do to promote unity and prevent language barriers.

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